The Company was founded in August 2010 as a holding company for PT Dhanadipa Karya Adhika, which founded in 2008 with it’s main bussines in In Building Coverage (IBC) Services and Telecommunication Infrastructures services. This IBC Services for Multi Telecommunication Operator have been build and operate for three building in Jakarta such as Medistra Hospital, Senayan Residence Apartment and Manggala Wanabakti Building. The main bussiness from PT Amantara Kalyana was Telecommunication Infrastructure Services such as In Building Coverage Solution, Tower Construction Service, Operation and Maintenance of Tower , Mechanical and Electrical Service, RBS Optimization Service.

As telecommunication service has  been competitive, each telecommunication operator has to  offer its distinctive features of the products and services. In order to meet the expectation, it requires steady innovations to obtain certain capex and opex efficiency. The effective and efficient  utilization of Capex and Opex will provide the opportunity  for Operator to offer competitive prices.

On the other hand, customer recognition become the most important to win the market. Customer oriented business becomes a success factor to deliver the most effective service. The operator is expected to gather and analyze the customer profiles  including define  and apply the effective strategy to the certain customers.

The prominent vision and mission of the company is to be the best partner to Tower and Telecommunication Service Provider by  gaining the best levels of its Capex and Opex Optimization.

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