Delivery Services Engineering and Construction Scope Of Works

  1. BTS (Tower) Candidates Identification SurveyPerform site identification, site evaluation and verification towards potential site candidates of BTS
  2. Engineering Survey
    Provide and verify Site Acquisition Report and all related documents including panoramic photographs, lot and zoning map of each candidate location.
  3. LOS Survey
    Performing LOS SurveyDetermining alternative links for all sitesProviding path LOS and Link Budget CalculationPreparing report, etc.
  4. Technical Site Survey
    Identifying, resolving and negotiating all issues concerning the access and utility availability of the site, including to complete supporting documentation, to legally utilize the property for the intended purposes.
    Performing the technical site survey that includes measurement, photograph taken, technical docum-entation and drawing required assessing the technical appropriateness for the site to be used for the intended purpose. Site design, detail site sketch to precede the Permit Drawings will be provided along with the scope construction estimation.
  5. Permitting and Design
    Supplying all required documents and responsible for providing final permit for the site to be constructed comply with the local laws and regulations requirements.Provide design draft, estimate and evaluate the site can-didate for their potential use in cellular telecommunication network; technical report submission.
    Permit drawing making which covers antenna locations, heights or cable routing; equipment locations, power meter locations, power cable routing, grounding and lighting protection, property locations and all other information required.
  6. Installation and Commissioning
    Performing the installation and commissioning of the telecommunication equipment covering the Digital Microwave System, Cellular GSM equipment, Add Drop Multiplexer, Fiber Optic, Network Management System, General Alarm System, Radio System, and Management Information System.
    Commissioning assignment to ensure the installed equipment has been successfully established and works properly to meet the customer standard. The phrase will comprise of verification of the equipment, quality check of the installation and electrical connection, including overall  general test according to the required procedure.
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