1. Infrastructure Maintenance
    Regular maintenance as per the standard of equipment maintenance of AC, grounding and other electrical installations to ensure the continuity and stability of Tower and CME services;Operator responsible for PLN electricity payment periodically in time to prevent electricity disconnection by PLN;

    Periodic AC maintenance such as : filter cleaning, evaporator, drainage, refrigerant, compressor, condenser, and fan;Regular checking of indoor lamp and tower lighting, and replace the defect lamp if necessary;

    Repainting of tower, building and fence every 5 yearsPeriodic checking for Fire Extinguisher

  2. Site Cleanness
    Regular grass mowing and yard cleannessFloor mapping and dust cleaning inside the shelterPower Supply and
  3. Back-up Power
    Alternative back-up shall be available to prevent service discontinuity in case of Electrical supply is failure
  4. Site Security
    Site Guard is provide to check the person who accessing the site, verify the ID Card and Work Order Letter;Guard do the action such as contacting fire rescue and police in emergency case such as fire, robbing, shelter leakage and tower damage;

    Guard will Keep the entrance / gate key of the site, while Shelter key will be kept by Operator


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